Our Approach

Pt. Centered, personal

Our Approach

As a family physician practice, our focus is to demonstrate a strong competence in the patient-centered clinical method. We strive to integrate a sensitive, skillful and appropriate search for disease. We concentrate our efforts to on understanding patients' experiences of illness (particularly their ideas, feelings and expectations) and of the impact of illness on patients' lives.

Our physicians use their understanding of human development, the family and other social systems to develop a sensitive and skillful approach to disease and illness in patients and their families.

Dekalb Family Medicine on Candler (DFMOC) is based in the community and is significantly influenced by community factors. DFMOC is able to respond to people's changing needs, to adapt quickly to changing circumstances and to mobilize appropriate resources to address patients' needs.

Clinical problems presenting to a community-based family physician are not pre-selected and are commonly encountered at an undifferentiated stage. DFMOC physicians are skilled at dealing with ambiguity and uncertainty. They will see patients with chronic diseases, emotional problems, acute disorders (ranging from those that are minor and self-limiting to those that are life-threatening), and complex biopsychosocial problems.

Most of the time, a patient will be seen by our physicians in our office. DFMOC physicians see themselves as part of a community network of healthcare providers and are skilled at collaborating as team members or team leaders. They use referrals to specialists and community resources judiciously.