Can creams reverse the nature aging process?

Can anti-aging skin creams work better than other solutions? 

                                Mostly no.

Winter is very harsh on skin – Good – bad – or what ever.  As a result we find our self-listening to those billion-dollar cosmeceutical industry advertisements, which awaits with pricey over-the-counter potions and serums promising to undo the season’s damage.

Most of these companies often promise much more than simple moisturizing. Their products can, according to their advertising, “help to boost – Lift and very much oxygenate with microcirculation.” They can reset “the skin’s aging clock by converting resting stem cells.” They contain the latest and greatest break thru ingredients that can “turn on digestive enzymes that will only go after scars and wrinkles” or “help to promote collagen production.” In short, they can utterly transform your old, dry, thinning, wrinkled skin.

While tempting. Could this be true?

Mostly no, but really it’s hard to say.

We won’t go into the science here but it is very true that:

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration doesn’t require companies to prove that cosmetic products are safe or effective.

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